In a similar manner, ottakoothan, an ordinary mortal, earnestly sought the blessings of the Goddess Saraswathi and Lord Pillayar (Arul Gnana Vinayakar) to grant him the gift of the ability to compose poems. Bathing in the river Harisol daily and by offering floral tributes to the Goddess, he got his boon fulfilled when the Goddess, came in a very beautiful boat in the river,in the form of a lovely woman and gave him to wish.

Along with Goddess Saraswathi, Goddesses Lakshmi and parvathi too came by in this river and hence we can get the blessings of the basic grace of them all-Adhisakthi. Blessed with the beningn looks of Goddess Kalaimagal, and the betel mouth Blessings of “Then Kani vagadevi”, Ottakoothar became a poet with the ability to compose rhythmic poems.

The populace were enamoured of his ability to compose.His fame reached the ears of King Vikrama Chola,who invited him to his court and witnessed the blessed ability of Ottakoothar.

From the day King Rajaraja Chola (grandson of King Vikrama Chola), gifted this land to Ottakoothar. This Ambalpuri has come to be known as Koothanur.

It is learnt, that this place was known as “Ambalpuri”, about a 1000years ago, even before poet Ottakoothan was born. So history has it that Goddess Saraswathi did her penance towards Lord Brahma and conferred her blessings on her devotees for ages. Devotees offer their puja with lovely flowers that are known to be acceptable to the Goddess.

The fame of koothanur

Ottakoothar and his grandson Ovathakoothar, established the beautiful temple for Goddess Maha Saraswathi.

Goddess Saraswathi, in a penance performing posture, confers Her blessings on this world as the prime deity, only in this temple. A beautiful three eyed form, with one leg folded in a yogasana pattern, is afeast for the eyes. Another special feature is that there is no veena in Ambal’s hands in the prime deity.

She is a seated on a white lotus,attired in white silk. She symbolizes her inherent Presence in studies, having a palm script in her hands. The other hand has the ‘Chinmudra’, blessing devotees.Another hand has the ‘Akshamala’, signifying penance. The fourth palm has the nectar pot, conferring happiness and spiritual bliss to devotees. With Her benevolent smile and eyes, she has Her third eye giving us the highest form of spiritual knowledge. In short she gives all who worship Her absolute bliss while giving us education, knowledge, intellingence and welfare.

Worship Timings

(By One Time Pooja Scheme)

(By Temple Scheme)


Auspicious Days

14th August - Kirthigai

10th August - Karthigai

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